Clips and credits 2000 to 2015


The Singers Singer

For many music lovers Frank Sinatra is the most important popular singer of the 20th century. His professional career lasted 60 years demonstrating a remarkable ability to maintain his appeal despite changing times and musical trends. This one hour documentary, hears from a cross section of leading singers and performers exploring what makes Sinatra so special and why his vocal influence is still the benchmark for all others to aspire.
Broadcast BBC Radio 2 November 2015

The Man Who Bought Hendrix’s Stage

Phill Jupitus traveled to Nashville to meet Joe Chambers, ‘The Man Who Bought Hendrix’s Stage’. This is a refreshingly different kind of music programme. Undoubtedly those who visit Joe’s museum gaze at the stage where Hendrix played but also see Mr. Chambers as a man on quest, to keep alive the great recording heritage of contemporary music and maintain it for future generations to enjoy.
Broadcast 20 th January 2015 BBC Radio 4 Xtra


Movie Outlaws – The making of Easy Rider

Mickey Dolenz (former drummer with The Monkees) explores how producers Bob Rafleson and Bert Schneider hot from the success of The Monkees TV series kick-started an artistic renaissance in Hollywood and in the process made the major studios recognise low budget could make money. Their film ‘Easy Rider’ represented the counter culture of 1968 taking on the Hollywood studio system and winning, against all the odds.
Broadcast 13th January 2015 BBC Radio 4 Xtra


The Art Of Paul McCartney

Sugar Productions Ltd is proud to be involved the production of a unique recording. ‘The Art of Paul McCartney’ is a 32-track album featuring some of the finest performers of today paying tribute to the greatest!
The film was broadcast on Sky Arts across November -December 2014.



There Is No Taste Like Home

How does your sense of home shape direct your work as an artist? Do you need to be rooted in a familiar place, where your ideas and your personality have been shaped? Or can being cast far from home galvanise your work, giving you fresh perspectives? Author Rosie Dastgir explores the importance of roots and home on the work of a writer or artist in this authored programme.

‘There Is No Taste Like Home’ hears from four quite different artists from diverse places across Britain.
BBC Radio 4 Thursday 20th March 2014


The Lost Tapes of Orson Welles

He is a film giant and still regarded as one of the master of modern cinema. Orson Welles first film ‘Citizen Kane” (1941), which he co-wrote, produced, directed is still considered seventy years on, as one of the greatest films ever made. Welles directed a further 12 full-length films in his career but after “Touch of Evil” (1958) his career faltered.

The Lost Orson Wells Tapes; based on lost recordings, is a revealing series of conversations with the man who was best known as America’s great cultural provocateur and one of the finest of film makers.
Broadcast 19th and 26th December 2013 on BBC Radio 4


BBC World Service ‘The World Music Club’ one hour pre – recorded programme in front of a specially invited audience. Programme to  air on BBC World Service and Radio 6 Music with Gideon Coe as presenter.

presented by JOHN HARRIS

Press coverage of Syd Barrett’s death (7th July 2006) revealed a great deal about how alternative culture has been embraced by the musical mainstream. Syd Barrett lives on freeze framed, still young and a striking lost soul of the sixties whose brief moment of creativity outshines those long years of solitude shut away in a terraced house in his home town of Cambridge. In the Radio 4 programme ‘The Twilight World Of Syd Barrett’ we hear how his band Pink Floyd (and family) coped with Barrett’s  mental breakdown exploring the hurriedly arranged holiday to the Spanish island of Formentera – where the star unravelled.
Broadcast – BBC Radio 4 – 9th June 2011 & 3rd May 2012

‘John Barry – A Sixties Thing – Composer John Barry talks candidly (in a rare interview) about his unique work revealing a composer at the top of his game, happy to explore the twists and turns in his remarkable career that have made him a unique and gifted music maker. For BBC Radio 4 and broadcasts 26th June 2012

‘A Sound British Revolution’ is an audio journey through a lost world of early electronic music for BBC Radio 4 .

‘Big Shot’ – There was a time when the pop manager was universally understood within the music industry as the father figure holding sway over his stable of artists. ‘Big Shot’ explores a twilight world of murky smoked filled rooms where deals are done and stars are made. The programme reveals the methods and styles of music manager reflecting the eras they worked in and how things have changed as today – for BBC Radio 4

‘Oscar Sings’– explores how the Oscar-nominated song has developed and reflects a changing music and film landscape. Songwriters, film experts, movie people winners and losers explain just what are the magic ingredients that go towards creating an award-winning tune and making ‘Oscar Sing’. Broadcasts BBC Radio 4 February 26th 2012

‘Phil Collins King Of The Wild Frontier’ – The largest private collection of Alamo memorabilia resides in an impressive Geneva home in Switzerland. Also resident is singer songwriter and Genesis drummer – Phil Collins. Davy Crockett and The Alamo are his very private passion and Collins invites Radio 4 listeners into his home to talk us through his impressive collection. Broadcast 28th January 2012


Elvis – The Las Vegas YearsWelcome to Las Vegas, where Elvis has not left the building. Graceland may be home to his shrine but it’s Las Vegas that pays homage to the spirit of Elvis the entertainer producer John Sugar  explores this unique part of the King’s career for The BBC World Service. Broadcast 1st October 2011

The Thing About Hank – He influenced a generation of guitarist’s with his wide grin, black specs and red Stratocaster. Hank Marvin changed the way we see the guitar and this programme presented by Producer John Sugar celebrates his contribution to contemporary music for BBC Radio 4 – broadcasts 11th October 2011

Beatles Christmas – Show business enjoys a cosy relationship with Christmas and as we hear The Fab Four responded with a wealth of festive fan club recordings, appeared in panto and (later) their Boxing Day TV film ‘Magic Mystery Tour’. ‘Beatle Christmas’ for Radio 4 hears the best of their recordings at this special time of year – broadcasts 26th December 2011

Blowing In the Wind – Dylan’s Spiritual Journey – This radio documentary to coincide with Dylan’s birthday (24th May 2011) explores the singers spiritual journey revealing a side to the performer that is often over looked – in production for BBC Radio 4 – broadcasts 24th May 2011

The Thrill of It All – The Roxy Music Story – production of documentary exploring the impressive musical career of one the UK’s finest group’s as they embark on a 2011 World Tour – broadcast BBC Radio 2 & 6 Music – January 2011


Brubeck at 90 – The legendary pianist reflects on his illustrious jazz career and best known tunes ‘Take Five and ‘Blue Rondo A La Turk’ and many others in this special programme with Paul Gambaccini for BBC Radio 4

The King & I Rob Brydon’s World Of Elvis – The Las Vegas Years Welcome to Las Vegas, where Elvis has not left the building. Graceland may be home to his shrine but it’s Las Vegas that pays homage to the spirit of Elvis the entertainer and British comic performer Rob Brydon explores this unique part of the King’s career s part of the Elvis Presley season for BBC Radio 2

Magic People and Places – documentary for BBC Radio 4 revealing how after World War 2 London shops and studios specializing in magic signaled the beginning of a golden era that was off limits to the public, but open to a new breed of magical pioneers, conjurors and performers .

Teenage Flicks – In the 1960’s, demand to see the latest music sensation was so high there were insufficient British venues to meet the demand for tickets. This BBC Radio 4 documentary revisits this unique time to hear how cinema staff who usually tore tickets coped with thousands of hysterical teenagers clambering over them to reach their music idols.

Beat It – The World of the Contemporary Drummer – production of documentary revealing why the modern drummer is seen in a derisory way and how they cope with the strains of contemporary music – for BBC Radio 4.

Star Spangled Hendrix – When Jimi Hendrix returned to his native America as a star, the country he knew had changed. To tie in with the 40th anniversary of his passing this Radio 4 programme explores the pressure the guitarist was under to make an explicit political declaration and how his outlook would not be shaken by the political trends of the time.


presented by ROGER DALTREY

50 years after his tragic death (aged 22), we hear how a disintegrating relationship with manager Norman Petty contributed to Buddy Holly boarding a four-seater plane in poor weather conditions. Petty, a successful musician, produced many of the songs that established Holly as a major star and this Radio 4 programme presented by The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey explores the turbulent relationship between the star and his manager.

Broadcast – BBC Radio 4 – 10th February 2009

The Katherine Jenkins Classical Christmas Show – Award-winning Welsh mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins one of Britain’s leading classical singers hosts her own Christmas show playing the finest light orchestral and opera that capture a classical flavoured Christmas for BBC Radio 2 .

Command Performance – production of documentary exploring prestigious concerts in unique places and under special circumstances for BBC Radio 4

Robin Hood and the Cuban Revolutionaries – production of documentary exploring the remarkable Errol Flynn story and the incongruity of a Hollywood star finding him self at the epicenter of a revolution for BBC Radio 4.

presented by ROB BRYDON

To coincide with the 25th anniversary of his passing, admirer Rob Brydon explores two different sides to this unique British performer; his humour and love of magic. Cooper epitomized bumbling ineptitude in both magic and comedy, but as we hear in this touching Radio 4 programme behind the crazy manic stagecraft was a man with a genuine talent for magic as reveled by magicians Paul Daniels, Alan Alan and one of the last interviews of Ali Bongo

Broadcast – BBC Radio 4 – 14TH April 2009

The Dream Is Over – production of radio feature exploring the events leading up to the final Beatles London rooftop concert for BBC Radio 4 ‘Saturday Live’ Programme


presented by ROB BRYDON

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Williams’ death (15th April 2008), this two-part Radio 4 programme offers a revealing insight into the private life of Kenneth Williams by utilising fascinating documents that have never before been examined. In late 2005 Kenneth Williams godson Robert Chidell began to auction items bequeathed to him in the Carry On star’s will. The entire collection of private papers, photographs, passports, school reports and other effects, form the unique research form and rich source material for ‘The Pain of Laughter’.

Broadcast – BBC Radio 4 – 8th & 15th April 2008

Movie Mavericks – The Making of Easy Rider programme explores how two producers hot from the success of The Monkees TV series kick-started an artistic renaissance in Hollywood – for BBC Radio 4

The Man Who Bought Hendrix’s Stage Special programme travels to Nashville to meet Joe Chambers and explore his passion that has transformed his life and led to his museum, The Musicians Hall Of Fame – for BBC Radio 4.

Honouring The Office – Playing The White House – To coincide with America’s 2008 elections, this programme gives an in sight into a previously unconsidered aspect of The White House, performing for the president at the famous Pennsylvania Avenue – for BBC Radio 4.


Live Earth (London) production of live coverage of 7th July music event for the BBC World Service

The G.I. Blues of Elvis Presley production of documentary exploring the military career of the King of Rock N Roll for BBC Radio 4

Revelations – The Genesis Story production two part documentary for BBC Radio 2

It Was 40 Years Ago Todayproduction of documentary exploring the recording of “Sgt Peppers” for BBC World Service

The Thing about Sydproduction of documentary revealing who was the Pink Floyd front man Syd Barrett – for BBC Radio 2

Hit The Road Staxproduction of documentary exploring the UK Stax Tour (of 1967) for BBC Radio 4


Heavenly Johnny Mathis – production of 3 part feature series exploring the 50 year career of singing superstar Johnny Mathis for BBC Radio 2

Spielberg – The Directors Cut production of 2 part feature programme for BBC Radio 4 exploring the film career of Steven Spielberg.

10 Million Can’t Be Wrong production of 6 part features series for BBC Radio 2 exploring albums which have sold in excess of 10 million each.

40 Years of Monkee Business production of documentary for BBC Radio 2 celebrating the adventures of Davy, Mickey Mike and Peter.

Inspirational Bowie production of documentary for BBC Radio 2 exploring the influence of David Bowie on contemporary music artists


Top Of The Pops Production of Emma B in weekly music show for BBC World Service

The Music Biz Production of Mark Coles in weekly music magazine programme for BBC World Service

Home Truths Production of a weekly speech-based lifestyle magazine programme for BBC Radio 4

Lulu Show produced script and running order for broadcast for BBC Radio 2

Feed Back Executive Producer on pilot programme for BBC World Service (commissioned December)


Home Truths Production of a weekly speech-based lifestyle magazine programme for BBC Radio 4

In The City Network co-ordination of all BBC 6 Music’s coverage of Manchester’s annual music festival event

Glastonbury Festival Co-ordination and production of live coverage of the annual event based in London studios for BBC 6 Music

Summer Sundae Festival Co-ordination and production of live coverage of Leicester’s annual festival for BBC 6 Music

Freak Zone with Paul Morley Production of a weekly ’left of centre’ music programme for BBC 6 Music

Funk Show with Craig Charles Production of a weekly soul and R&B show for BBC 6 Music

The Virtual Music Festival with Primal Scream A virtual music festival featuring sessions and concert recordings selected by key members of Primal Scream and broadcast across a weekend on BBC 6 Music


Radiohead Selector Production and supported of all five band members as they selected music, sessions, documentaries, items and features for broadcast across a week of output for BBC 6 Music

Glastonbury Festival Co-ordination and production live coverage of event based in London studios for BBC 6 Music

Meltdown Co-ordination and production of live coverage of the London based arts festival for BBC 6 Music

Summer Sundae Festival – Co-ordination and production of all live coverage of Leicester’s annual festival for BBC 6 Music

2001 – 2002 

BBC 6 Music Engaged by the BBC to help set up and launch a new, digital music network. The project involved creating on air schedule, hiring talent and presenters, creating and running production teams, hiring production staff and a news team, overseeing on-air branding and promotion plus liaising with press and external organizations


Reelin’ In The Years The Steely Dan Story Writing and production of a  two-part documentary for BBC Radio 2 that explores the careers of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen as Steely Dan release their first album for 21 years

Global Jazz Tour Production of a four part documentary series for BBC World Service following jazz musician Courtney Pine and his band to jazz festivals in Cape Town, Cork, Bogotá and Barbados

Golden Years David Bowie Executive production for BBC Radio 2 of this radio documentary featuring a rare interview with David Bowie and key people in his life

The Calling Production of three religious programmes for BBC World Service, with the Reverend Roger Hutchings exploring how people respond to being touched by the divine

Sting An Englishman In Music Writing and production of a two-part documentary for BBC Radio 2 exploring the career about one of Britain’s leading superstars Sting talks candidly about his years as a teacher, jazz musician, life playing with The Police and his illustrious solo career

Simply Irresistible Writing and production of a one-hour radio documentary about the remarkable 30 year career of singer Robert Palmer for BBC Radio 2

Johnny Cash Country Roads Production of the music legend presenting his own music radio series of 8 programmes recorded at his home in Nashville for BBC Radio 2

Mr. Blue Sky Executive Production of a one-hour appreciation of Jeff Lynne exploring his career from his early days with The Idle Race, through his time with The Move and his subsequent global success with the Electric Light Orchestra for BBC Radio 2

Courtney Pine’s Jazz Crusade Creation and production of a 10 week magazine series for BBC Radio 2 fronted by Britain’s leading jazz musician, Courtney Pine  (regularly commissioned and still on air)