The Time of My Life – 30 Years of Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing cover

“Dirty Dancing” is a film classic, which has sold over 35 million album soundtracks and 6 million copies on DVD, and after 3 decades, continues to enchant generations of fans….old and new. Sugar Productions was involved in reflecting this timeless dance movie that explores the summer of 1963 and released in August ’87.

As we hear this low budget independent movie written by Eleanor Bergstein about her own childhood family holidays in the Catskills mountains, follows the adventures of Baby & Johnny as they fall in love. The documentary written and produced by John Sugar featured comments from Patrick Swayze, leading lady Jennifer Grey and leading American choreographer Kenny Ortega. As we heard the ‘Dirty Dancing’ phenomenon continues as each new generation embraces this classic love story. The film remains fresh, relevant and as engaging as when we first saw it back in 1987. This record-breaking film still has many fans, quoting the corny lines, singing the songs and sometimes even trying the dance moves. For many it’s the perfect date-movie and the ultimate girls-night-in treat and its appeal shows no sign of fading.

Programme presented by Mark Goodier broadcasts on Absolute Radio – Sunday 3rd December 2017.



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