Hall and Oates a Life In Music

Hall and Oates

In this special programme, set to the soundtrack of Hall and Oates song writing craft, we heard about how they write their songs and how they see their remarkable music partnership after nearly fifty years together. 

Presented by Mark Goodier the programme charted the duo’s first hit in 1974 through a remarkable sequence of their ’80s worldwide hits.These guys were big Daryl Hall and John Oates smooth, passionate take on Philly soul brought them enormous commercial success – including six American number ones singles. The one hour programme revealed that the 80’s was a career high in terms of commercial success, producing a stream of great songs and albums that still sound as good today as when they were first released, Daryl & John continue their passionate relationship with music and with their fans, with album releases and regular live shows today.

With unique comments from Daryl Hall and John Oates the programme gave a revealing insight into the duo’s longevity for Absolute Radio – Broadcast Sunday 12th November 2017.


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